Born & raised in Southern Bama I grew up on the beach with a camera in hand. During high school I started my own portrait business and after graduation went on to pursue my craft. Then one day at the Las Olas Art Fair I bought a photograph of two gondolas on the Grand Canal in Venice and everything changed.

That Summer I backpacked along my childhood best friend to Italy and Greece. We learned very quickly how to read a map, ask for help in Italian and pack all our belongings in a backpack. I spent an extra two months traveling around Europe completely solo and knew I would pursue a life of both photography and travel. Upon returning to the States I ate way more Italian food, opened the windows instead of using AC, and started planning my life of adventure.

I graduated from The Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale in 2012 and began my career as a photographer onboard Norwegian Cruise Line. I cruised through Alaska, the Caribbean, Mexican Riviera, New England and Hawaiian Islands. I would work for months at a time and literally woke up in a new destination everyday. However that wasn’t enough for me. During my vacations I travelled to Europe and Asia and continued to build my portfolio of images.

Now at 28 and 33 countries later, I’ve settled down in paradise. Living on an island in the middle of the Pacific is as exotic as it sounds. I ride my bike to the beach and have a goal to hike every trail on Oahu. My bucket list has grown tremendously and I still can’t help but search for flights to new destinations.

Follow me on my journey as I share my stories of traveling around the world and who knows it might just inspire your next adventure!